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April 6, 2013
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AND i was like wWOOAHOAH WOAH u by Kelcake AND i was like wWOOAHOAH WOAH u by Kelcake
Name: Trent Walker
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height/ Weight: 6'0" / 159 lbs
Nationality: Australian
Faction: GY
Color codes:
#FF9912 Cadmium Yellow
#7FFF00 Chartreuse
#3E3E3E Dark Grey
#BDFCC9 Mint

Personality traits:

Hello there, my name is Trent with a T. First thing you should know is that my Faction is, without a doubt, the number one Faction in the city. The other factions may deal with all sorts of goods and services, but we deal with money, and everyone knows, money makes the world go round. Some say I am too imperious and that my arrogance will be the downfall of this family, but they are wrong, as little, insignificant people always are.

Honestly, I would much prefer having a different color affinity because my powers are seriously dumb, but eh, we got to make do with what we have.

I frequently forget where I place my things and my carelessness has gotten me into trouble more often than once. Sometimes I forget to tie my shoelaces and my shoes come off when I'm running away from trouble. When that happens, I buy new shoes. Money is meant to be spent after all and I don't see the point in hoarding it.

I love gambles, and I will NEVER turn down a bet no matter how much of a risk it may be. You might think that's stupid of me, but thinking about consequences is for losers and I live in the NOW. Where's the fun in life if you don't take a risk every now and then?

I cheat when I gamble, I am not above admitting that. But hey, all game is fair game, however you play it. Rules are only rules if you choose to follow them.

Sometimes people say stupid things and I feel like punching them, so I do.


I was born in Australia, land of the kangaroos, but my family relocated to this city when I was 5. My father heard there were many jobs here and he saw it as an opportunity for a better life. Unfortunately he was wrong and I pretty much grew up in a life of sad, sad poverty. When I tell people this, I can immediately see pity in their eyes like 'Aww now I understand why you're so obsessed with gambling and money (I am NOT obsessed).", and I think it's ridiculous because obviously they're just envious of my cash. I gamble because I ENJOY it (and I revel in the expressions of others when they lose all their money but cannot stop), not because of some depressing childhood past, you weirdos.

As I did not have much money growing up, I saw the Casino as an immediate opportunity to gain fast cash. Coupled with my powers, I believed wholeheartedly that I was in a sure-win situation. Unfortunately, my powers were a little out of my depth when I first started and I ended up losing a lot of money. I did odd jobs here and there, and spent whatever I could on the poker table, hoping to hone my powers and gambling skill. I became slightly obsessed with finding a sure-fire way to cheat the Casino's rules that my mother almost threw me out of the house.

Eventually I DID manage to climb my way to the top (of course), and I found myself rolling in cash. But I soon learnt that being at the top meant plenty of attention, unwanted attention. I was recruited(join us or die, they said) into the mafia as a lowly foot soldier, one of the many who would take the bullet during turf wars and casino raids, and once again I found myself at the bottom of the food chain.

Now, that couldn't do could it?

I was always meant for greater things.

It didn't take much, just my suave smile, a little help from my powers and one bullet (possibly more), and I found myself back on top.

I have my hands full with running all my casinos, but I do occasionally dabble in the stock market.


Good lord, all my powers lie in the green-yellow range, I am practically useless without a weapon, SUCKS.
But anyway, my prime power is casting illusions of varying size and power. It works best when I have eye contact though, and I can create illusions that are big enough bring your worse nightmare to life if I have substantial eye contact. Otherwise, it's just small illusions, like convincing you that I'm someone else or that the card in front of you is not the card you think it is.

I am good with buffs too and I specialize in strength buffs, because I think it's funny to cast a strength buff on someone and watch when they can't control their increased strength. It's like Godzilla on a smaller scale.

I carry 2 automatic pistols but I only use one at a time because I'm right handed and my left hand can't aim for shit.

Yeah, so if you break my right arm, I'm basically useless, because I have no offensive power, god help me. Fighting is for subordinates though, I'm just here to smile and give orders.

Other information:

-Occasionally thinks out loud
-Likes to eat potatoes
-Grins a lot for no apparent reason
-Will hiss at you when offended
-Doesn't drink because Alcohol dulls his powers
-Has a slight god-complex
-If you call him pumpkin he will shoot you
-Owns a Lamborghini GALLARDO LP 550-2 [link]
-Don't make fun of his car
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