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September 16, 2012
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YO, my name is Tyler and I am the captain of the Cranium Division at Bionic! We are all cool people here so feel free to relax and have a little fun, if you know what I mean. :iconwinkuplz:
It's all coo' to party and whatnot, but I expect all my members to treat all your missions as if it's your last. Fail to do that and I WILL F**CK YOU UP-- and not in that good way.

We may be the support group, but we are going to be pretty damn BADASS-- unlike the support group of some yellow and black organization. //Flings all of you to the gym

Name: Tyler Reynolds
Age: 25
Height/Weight: 6' 2'' /167 lb
Division: Cranium
Rank: Captain
Ossa: Cranium

♦Orange hair
♢Green Eyes
♢Has a head and two hands and two legs. Also has a body.

Tyler is a laid-back guy that doesn't like to take things too seriously. He might seem overly casual most of the time, but he can lose his temper easily if you touch the right topics. He takes missions very seriously and will not hesitate to kill anyone, even a fellow member, if they get in his way during a mission.

He is pretty narcissistic and has a habit of laughing off/ ignoring criticism. He's a confident guy and even if he makes a fool of herself, he'll just find a way to laugh about it. Although he acts very friendly to everyone, he actually has no intention of forming serious relationships with anyone whatsoever. He's a sociable person though, and likes hanging out with crowds.

He likes having fun and enjoying herself, because he never really had the chance to do so when he was younger. He enjoys brawling and will rarely turn down a fight. He has a really HIGH pain tolerance due to the experiments he was subjected to, plus he doesn't like to show weakness, so he can go on until he's either physically unable to move or dead.

He doesn't like to share.

Tyler grew up in a large family consisting of 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Their father passed away from health problems when Tyler was 6. His mother was a frail woman, whose health only became worse after her husband died. As such, Tyler always had to go around looking for odd jobs just to provide for the family. When he was 15, his mother was hired as a nurse in a hospital, where she was paid relatively well and they were able to send Tyler to a military school to receive proper education.

Unfortunately, his mother was affected by the radiation, and passed away, forcing Tyler to drop out of school mid-way to take care of his siblings, who were also critically sick due to the radiation. He allowed herself to be experimented on by the scientists, in exchange for the promise of a cure for his siblings. However, they lied to him, and his siblings fell victim to the radiation one by one, leaving Tyler as the only survivor. He subsequently let out her rage by killing a bunch of people, and then escaping to :iconsparkelsplz:paradise:iconsparkelsplz:, where he met JC and destroyed a bunch of stuff.

Weapon/Fighting Style:
Tyler has a piece of his skull melded into the Vibranium of his hand blades. As such he is able to boost their strength and durability as well as alter their form to some extent. When he is not using his blades, they can be morphed into his glove or something so that they don't get in his way :icontearplz:

He fights using speed and head on attacks, making sure to go straight for the kill. He has to concentrate when he fights though, in order to maintain the strength and shape of his weapon, so any distractions could end in his loss. He is also arrogant and tends to underestimate his opponents.

He is also well-versed in using guns and actually prefers to use his gun(s) rather than his ossa in battle, because they are more reliable.

Tyler was one of the first few experimental subjects, so the scientists used him in an experiment to determine if it was possible to transplant the effects of the radiation through a bone transplant. They extracted two small pieces of his skull and melded it into a piece of Vibranium. The experiment proved successful and the metal was later made into Tyler's current weapon.

He has never tried using the full extent of his powers, i.e. morphing his actual cranium, because he was told that it might result in his death.

♡The colors blue and gold
♡Climbing trees
♡Cupcakes and ice-cream
♡Knowing things that other people don't know
♡Orange juice
♡A good story

♥People getting in his way
♥People mentioning family
♥Peanut butter
♥People who say that they are better friends with Fay than him
♥Reading, writing and math

♦He likes using (sexual) innuendos and double entendres.
♢He met Fay in military school.
♦If you ask him what his exact relationship with Fay is, he will just grin and say 'friends' in a very suspicious manner.
♢He is allergic to peanuts.
♦He can hang upside down for a long time.
♢He is very good at climbing trees.
♦Because he never finished his education, long words confuse him. He pretends to understand them though.
♢He's ambidextrous, but naturally right handed.
♦He has two guns, the one on his left is a customized Colt 1911 and the one on his right is a Glock 21.
♢He's a very good liar and control his heartrate enough to beat a lie detector.
♦Although he doesn't like reading, he likes listening to stories.

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