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June 17, 2012
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Hello, My name is Fayren Raye and I am the head of the Poisonous division. Most people see my division as the weakest because we are not as well-equipped for head to head combat. However, I assure you that both defense and medical skills are highly important in any battle.

I welcome all applicants to join my division as long as you are capable of keeping up with me. If I find you falling short of my expectations, I will not hesitate to remove you from my division.


Name: Fayren Raye (or Fay for short)
Age: 23
Height: 171cm /5' 7''
Weight: 49kg /108lbs
Element: Arsenic
Division: Poisonous
Rank: Captain

-Hair: Blue (originally blonde)
-Eyes: Gold with a quadruple-coloured cross around his iris (From his element)
-Pale (because he doesn't go out a lot)
-He has scars on his left and right wrists from cutting himself when he was younger
-Small build (because he has a tendency to skip meals and he was born this way)


+Being taken seriously
+The smell of sterilized equipment
+Sweet things
+People calling him captain


-Loud noises
-Bugs (because Arsenic is used in insecticides, get it)
-Being confused
-Sarcasm, because it's unnecessary
-Most people
-Wasting time
-Being helpless


Fay is the head captain as well as head medic and he oversees not only most of the paperwork that keeps the organization running, but also the entire medical sector. He can handle all types of general operations, but he specializes in Neurosurgery (Brain surgery).


Fay's body system is immune to poison.
He also has exceptional eyesight, and he can see accurately in the dark.

He wasn't trained for combat and being a medic he never saw the need to learn it, so he's not much of a fighter. He can operate a pistol/handgun relatively well, but he's not familiar with bigger weaponry like rifles/machine guns/etc.


Fay takes his job very seriously as he basically sees his division as the most important one. HE TAKES EVERYTHING TOO SERIOUSLY. People are all equally annoying to him regardless of rank, so he's equally mean to all of them. Being a medic is what's most important to him, and on the battlefield, he would treat a fallen soldier regardless of the team they're from.

Although he may seem rather stoic, he is actually pretty quick to lose her temper. He's not one for violence though, and most of the time he'd simply argue to get his point across. If he sees that he's in the wrong, he's not above admitting his mistake and apologizing.

Fay sees things in a very rigid manner. He has this comfort zone from where he views things and he does not like to venture out of it. He also tends to assume people follow his train of thought, so he gets confused when they do otherwise. He's actually really hard to get along with because he's not one to start or continue a conversation. He doesn't converse much especially with people he doesn't know very well, because he sees it as rather pointless. He does like talking when he's with someone he's comfortable with though. Talking about medical/ science stuff is good.

He prefers to avoid combat situations because he doesn't see violence as the answer to any problem. He is not very strong physically, however, he is well-versed in the use of many poisons, both natural and man-made, and will use this knowledge whenever necessary. He carries a small semi-automatic that he rarely uses.


Fay is really bad socially, due to lack of social interaction and being socially and emotionally withdrawn when he was younger. He has problems expressing himself sometimes, and when he can't, he just avoids the issue.
He can recognize the body language of emotional changes (i.e. blushing=embarrassed), but has difficulty understanding the rationale behind it.

Because of this, he's pretty blunt when it comes to certain things, and when he says something he does more or less mean it(although he might exaggerate on the extent).


Fay's father was the one who possessed the element Arsenic before him. However, his father saw this as a curse rather than a blessing and sunk into an alcoholic depression.

He became a very abusive parent, forcing Fay to run away from home, where he was eventually found and sent to military school. He was bullied both physically and mentally at school, and he tried to commit suicide.

He was subsequently picked up and sent to the lab on the floating island, where he learnt her medical skills from the head surgeon there.


`He has a habit of asking questions without a question mark.
`He is originally a blonde, but the blonde jokes made him color his hair. His intention was to dye it black, but something went horribly wrong.
`He left it blue cause someone said that it suits him.
`He doesn't like to wear his tracker, because he does not see the point of it for medics, and he does not like the idea of people tracking his every movement.
`Because he has never socialized much, he is not familiar with many slang words, e.g. 'badass', and tends to take their meaning literally.
`He is vegetarian.
`He's ambidextrous, but naturally left-handed.
`He fell sick a lot when he was a child, because his (already frail) body couldn't handle his element.
`He's good with a gun, and an accurate shot due to his exceptional eyesight.
`He uses a CZ 75b.
`He's thinks it's important to have manners, though what he thinks are good manners is questionable.
`He isn't vain and doesn't make it a point to keep up with fashion trends, though he does ensure that he's dressed in a presentable manner.
`He stays up late often but not because of insomnia.
`Sometimes after you say something to him, he might stare at you like he's judging you, but really, he's just thinking of a response. (other times he really is judging you)
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